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Pam Schommer

Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Pam Schommer and Iím married to the sweetest guy, for nearly 32 years now.  We have two adorable long haired Chihuahuas, a girl named Moo and a boy named Sparky. (The pictures shown below are from when we first got them.) I have enjoyed crafts since I painted my first piece of plaster when I was 18 and I was hooked.  I have come a long way since then.  I have done a lot of different crafts.  I taught myself to decorative paint.  I started making wreaths, swags, and all kinds of floral arrangements for many years now. Many of my items are hand made by me including  beautiful ribbon into bows ,feather picks, shell picks, bird nests,and I dry my own items. Nature provides for my one of a kind birdhouses. My main interests are; decorative painting, poly clay characters, handmade floral arrangements and of course my unique decorative birdhouses.      

However, my real claim to fame is I won a national craft contest for one of my bird houses which was chosen by Linda Petersonís Designs.  I was over the moon when she contacted me and informed me that out of all of the entries, she had chose my handmade birdhouse. And if that wasnít enough she featured me on her website.  I have made many things for friends and family through the years. My sister Peggy lives close by and last year for her family I made food art for everybodyís birthday. The year before I wrote very long poems for each of them, funny stuff, and to let them all know how much I love them. It was a lot of fun, with a lot of laughs. LIFE IS SHORT EAT CHEESCAKE!

Iíll throw some pictures up and I hope that you enjoy them.                                   

 Thanks, Pam

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Here are the "kids", Moo is on the left and Sparky on the right. (click on the picture for a larger view)



The Art Buzz

Winner of National Craft Month Contest!

Posted: 02 Apr 2008 07:25 AM CDT

Oh gosh.....This was such a hard decision! All the entries I received were great and fantastic and awesome. But unfortunately, I can only pick one. So here goes.......

The winner is PAM S. with her entry of this birdhouse. It actually fits a couple of categories - It's GREEN made from natural materials found in her yard and It's full of recycled materials as well.

Here's Pam's story, she writes, "This
is my birdhouse I have made from recycled barn wood from an old milk house we tore down on our family property . I then stripped the wood in pieces and built this bird house . I dried all the flowers out of my garden. I gathered milk pods and grasses such as wheat from our field when I walked my dog. My husband bought me cherries and I saved and dried the seeds. If you notice I used a piece of ginger and dried it for the front along with acorn seeds from my tree and dried queen anne's lace - too many flowers and fruits to mention that i dried myself, oranges and apples you name it, I have it. If it looks salvageable I will collect it and do something with it. I love it so much... I love nature crafts and recycle many things I even made a birdhouse and covered it with lobster shells that we ate and saved thru the years.... " - It's signed "Craftily yours, Pam

I think this little birdhouse captures spring. I know after the hard winter, we are all longing for spring and WARMER weather to appear. Today is a beautiful day in the Ozarks and the birds are out singing.

Beautiful job Pam! Congratulations! Your Book will be on it's way to you soon!



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