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    The Fallen

As we remember Our Fallen Men and Women who fought the Wars to Keep us Free.
Yes I'm talkin bout you and me.

You will find all the Heroes in your Family Tree. What would you give to see them today. What would they say?...

Could you stand to hear them tell you, War is Hell, as they wished you well.
That they fought for you like a Mama Grizzly Bear, as they Saluted those who sent them there.

If you ask a Hero would they do it all over  again, to uphold this Land of the Free, not one good soldier would Flee.

So Heroes all over the world speak your Truth, we hear you, War is never worth the Pain. Sometimes there is No Gain.

What we mean to say is Thank you, We Honor You, We Love you, and We Miss you!! We are still here because of You..!
The Eagle Still Flies, the Eagle still Cries...

May you all Remember.... The Fallen.... 
                  Love, Pam Schommer
                               Author May 22, 2015.

Alfred A. Meyer, my dad


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